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Chemical Maintenance

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  • 3 in 1 Copper Grease - 300 ml

    S.26267 - 3 in 1 Copper Grease - 300 ml

    Anti-Seize Copper Spray (300ml Aerosol).Prevents seizure from high temperature and corrosion.Assists dismantling of threaded fasteners.Prevents disc brake squeal.Can be used on disc brakes, spark plugs, threaded fasteners, battery terminals etc.

    S.18100 - 3 IN 1 MULTIPURPOSE OIL-100ML

    Multi Purpose Oil Multi purpose oil suitable for cleaning, lubricating and preventing rust.
  • 3 in 1 White Lithium Grease 400ml

    S.18053 - 3 in 1 White Lithium Grease 400ml

    White Lithium Grease Spray Long lasting, heavy duty lubricant.Prevents rust and corrosion.Water and heat resistant.Non-drip formula.


    Brake and Clutch Cleaner This specially formulated brake and clutch cleaner enables quick and effective removal or oil, grease, brake fluid, lining dust and dirt from brake and clutch systems. 600ml Aerosol

    S.18399 - A'SL-SLIPPLATE-200ML

    Slip Plate The ONLY lubricant for dusty conditions. A graphite based dry lubricant which protects tools and equipment against dust and corrosion whilst lubricating. Can be used to lubricate winches, hoists, chains etc. Prevents chutes, trailer beds, blades and ploughs from gathering dirt, mud or grit.
  • Aerosol - Dry PTFE Lubricant - 400ml

    S.27685 - Aerosol - Dry PTFE Lubricant - 400ml

    WD-40 Dry PTFE Lubricant - Industrial Grade (400ml Aerosol). Quick drying PTFE formula providing superior long-lasting lubrication. Advanced formulation works as effective mould release agent. Use on most surfaces including plastics, metal & glass.
  • Aerosol AC-90 Plus - 500ml

    S.14680 - Aerosol AC-90 Plus - 500ml

    Liquid Maintenance Expels moisture, particularly from wet electrical engine parts to aid easy starting. Penetrates and lubricates seized and rusted bolts, hinges, bearings, locks etc. 500ml aerosol
  • Aerosol Contact Cleaner - 400ml
  • Aerosol Degreaser - 500ml

    S.27684 - Aerosol Degreaser - 500ml

    WD-40 Degreaser - Industrial Grade (500ml Aerosol). Powerful solvent based formula to clean all types of oil, grease, dirt and grime in the workplace. Fast acting. Residue free and easy to rinse away.
  • Aerosol HP PTFE Lubricant - 400ml

    S.27683 - Aerosol HP PTFE Lubricant - 400ml

    WD-40 High Performance PTFE Lubricant - Industrial Grade (400ml Aerosol). PTFE formula providing enhanced lubrication & protection. Extends life of tools & equipment. Reduces friction & wear. Use on all metal & most non-metal surfaces.
  • Aerosol Silicone Lubricant - 400ml

    S.27681 - Aerosol Silicone Lubricant - 400ml

    WD-40 Silicone Lubricant - Industrial Grade (400ml Aerosol). Excellent lubrication on metal, plastic & rubber. High pressure performance. Eliminates sticking & binding. Rust corrosion prevention by waterproofing & protecting.
  • Aerosol WD-40  Specialist Long Lasting Spray Grease 400 ml

    S.115222 - Aerosol WD-40 Specialist Long Lasting Spray Grease 400 ml

    Contains the WD-40 formulaProvides long lasting lubricationNon drip is ideal for vertical applicationWaterproofs and protects against moistureExcellent Adhesion & Sealing Properties
  • Anti-Seize Copper Paste

    S.19792 - Anti-Seize Copper Paste

    For application to nuts, bolts, pipework, keys, keyways & for all general assembly work where future dismantling is likely.
  • B7063 Cleaner

    S.24110 - B7063 Cleaner

    General purpose parts cleaner (400ml Aerosol). Does not leave residue. Ideal for use prior to adhesive bonding and sealing applications. Compatible with metal, glass, rubber, most plastics and painted surfaces.
  • BD-90 Belt Dressing (500ml Aerosol)

    S.14683 - BD-90 Belt Dressing (500ml Aerosol)

    BD-90 Belt Dressing To prevent belts from cracking. To reduce slipping. Safe to use on leather, rubber, canvas and synthetic belts.
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