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Adhesives & Sealants

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  • 3 in 1 Copper Grease - 300 ml

    S.26267 - 3 in 1 Copper Grease - 300 ml

    Anti-Seize Copper Spray (300ml Aerosol).Prevents seizure from high temperature and corrosion.Assists dismantling of threaded fasteners.Prevents disc brake squeal.Can be used on disc brakes, spark plugs, threaded fasteners, battery terminals etc.
  • Adhesive - 310ml

    S.24121 - Adhesive - 310ml

    BONDLOC® Get A Grip Adhesive (310ml).High strength adhesive which eliminates the need for nails & screws in many DIY and repair jobs.Bonds wood, plastic, brick, metal, glass, ceramics & plaster.Fills minor gaps in uneven surfaces.The high viscosity of this product allows non sagging bonding for light elements.Service temperature range: -10°C - +70°C.Flash Point: 20°C.
  • Anti-Seize Copper Paste

    S.19792 - Anti-Seize Copper Paste

    For application to nuts, bolts, pipework, keys, keyways & for all general assembly work where future dismantling is likely.
  • Bearing Fit 641 - 10ml

    S.14955 - Bearing Fit 641 - 10ml

    LOCTITE® 641 Bearing Fit (10ml).Recommended for use on parts that need subsequent dismantling, e.g. bearings and bushes.Can be readily removed from shafts and housings by ordinary methods.
  • Engineers Kit 15 pcs

    S.24136 - Engineers Kit 15 pcs

    BONDLOC® Engineers 15pcs Kit.Packed with 15 different products which have been carefully selected for even the most demanding engineer.Comes in a tough, reinforced plastic case with foam interior.Contains:B222 Screwlock 50ml (S.24072)B242 Nutlock 50mlB270 Studlock 50ml (S.24078)B401 Cyanoacrylate 20g (S.24080)B406 Cyanoacrylate 20g (S.24081)B454 Cyanoacrylate Gel 20g (S.24137)B574 Instant Gasket 50ml (S.24091)B577 Pipeseal 50ml (S.24093)B603 Retainer 50ml (S.24095)B641 Bearing Fit 50mlB660 Metal Fill Retainer 50ml (S.24099)B2001 Steel Epoxy Stick 114g (S.24100)B2003 Plastic Epoxy Stick 114g (S.24101)B2012 Epoxy Resin 28ml (S.24102)B5299 High Temp Silicone 200ml (S.24109).
  • Fast Epoxy B2012 28ml

    S.24102 - Fast Epoxy B2012 28ml

    Bonds ceramics, wood, metal, glass and plastics. Suitable for bonding or filling gaps and can be painted.
  • Gasket Eliminator 515 - 50ml

    S.14963 - Gasket Eliminator 515 - 50ml

    LOCTITE® 515 Gasket Eliminator (50ml).Replacement for pre-cut gaskets.Fills gaps to .010 (0.25mm) and does not shrink.Continuous operating temperature range of -60°F to 300°F.Cures to a flexible seal 1-8 hours.
  • Gasket Eliminator 518 - 50ml

    S.14761 - Gasket Eliminator 518 - 50ml

    LOCTITE® 518 Gasket Eliminator (50ml).For sealing rigid flange faces, e.g. water pump flanges, engine, differential and timing covers.Seals instantly against low pressures.Fills gaps up to 0.5 mm max.Temperature range -55°C to +150°C.
  • Gasket Sealant 5922 - 60ml

    S.14767 - Gasket Sealant 5922 - 60ml

    LOCTITE® 5922 Flange Sealant (60ml).A non-hardening sealant used to seal all types of pre-cut gaskets.Resists temperatures up to 200°C.
  • Gasket Sealant Aeropack, High Temperature B5299 -200ml

    S.24109 - Gasket Sealant Aeropack, High Temperature B5299 -200ml

    BONDLOC® B5299 High Temperature Silicone (200ml).Forms a tough, flexible gasket/seal that resists ageing, weathering and thermal cycling without hardening. Ideal for oil pans, transmission pans, differential covers, timing gears and valve covers.Suitable for sealing aluminium and metal ducting, refrigeration applications and hygiene seals.Easy to use instant seal gasket, straight from the can. Cures to a permanent, flexible and long lasting gasket.Service temperature range: -55°C - +550°C.Skinning Time: 5 mins 20°C.
  • Hydraulic Seal B542 -50ml

    S.24090 - Hydraulic Seal B542 -50ml

    BONDLOC® B542 Hydraulic Seal & Locker, Brown (50ml).This medium strength sealant is used for hydraulic valves, threaded couplings, adaptors, quick disconnect parts, compression fittings and vibration proofing joints.Service temperature range: -55°C - +150°C.Tensile strength 18 N/mm².Max Thread Size: M26.Fixture Time: 20 mins.
  • Instant Gasket Sealant - 40ml

    S.26674 - Instant Gasket Sealant - 40ml

    Forms a tough, durable and flexible rubber seal.Replaces traditional gaskets.Resists most common automotive fluids (not fuel).Bonds to metal, glass, rubber, plastics and more.Temperature range: -50 to 250°C.
  • J-B Adhesive Weld

    S.14553 - J-B Adhesive Weld

    J-B Adhesiveweld J-B Adhesive, the World's Strongest Bond, is a two-part epoxy resin that contains particles of iron and steel. Once set, it has properties similar to mild steel. J-B Adhesiveweld is a long term Permanent Repair Solution. Use it for sealing leaks in water pipes, petrol tanks, car batteries, cylinder heads, repair broken flanges on metal castings. Bond broken vehicle trim, both internal and external. Fix broken oven doors, kettles, fridge-freezers etc.Key Properties.Tensile strength 4000 psi.Temperature resistant to 300°CWorkability Drill it, grind it, machine it, file it, tap it.Chemical resistance to Oil, Petrol, Diesel, Battery Acid, Salt Water.Bonds to any rigid surface Iron, Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Copper, Wood, Plastic, Glass, Fibre, Masonry.Working time 25 minutes.Setting time 4 hours.Full strength 16 hours.Shelf life once opened. 25 years Guaranteed.
  • Joint Compound - Wellseal  100ml

    S.20430 - Joint Compound - Wellseal 100ml

    Wellseal Jointing Compound Used to seal threaded connections as well as flat faced joints. Can be used with or without a gasket. Highly resistant to commonly used lubricants and coolants. Free from abrasive fillers. Non hardening (remains pliable).
  • Kwik Weld

    S.14267 - Kwik Weld

    J-B Kwikweld J-B Kwik is the Strongest Kwik Set two part epoxy resin bond on the market. It contains particles of iron and steel to give it stregth and durability. J-B Kwik is an emergency solution or a permanent repair where the strength
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